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By | March 6, 2019
Whitepaper Tronguard
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Whitepaper 1.1

Who we are ?

Tronguard is new platform token tron which is builth to Entertaiment Application. We make the token for best application entertaiment.


Tronguard was making application of entertaiment if you download and read the artikel you get reward from us. We are happy to help somebody get reward if they read artikel from us.



  • Give away for bounties, Airdrop, and Promotions
  • The initial PRE-ICO sale will start for crowd funded


  • Whitepaper official release
  • Sosial media campaigns


  • The raised funds will be used to start developing TronGuarD Entertaiment Application and set Solid partnerships
  • TronGuarD will listef on at least exchangers
  • Total of remaining of tokens of PRE-ICO left will be burned


  • TronGuarD is token under TRON BLOKCHAIN and create with TRC 10 for now, but we will be upgrade to TRC 20  if that will be needed on future
  • Become Big Application and Payment Instrument of Entertaiment Application

Token Alocations

Total supply of 1.300.000.000 TronGuarD will be distributed as illustrated below :

  • Freezed (Exchange, Support, Alocated) : 75%
  • Pre ICO and ICO sales : 15%
  • Sponsorships, Bounties, Airdrops : 10%


  • Our platform will be on future become big Applicaton of Entertaiment and payment instrument of Entertaiment Application.

Human Resouce

  • Our team will become to give the best for you if you buy the token and unduh Application


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